Dobara: See your Evil has hit the theatres on last Friday with so many other Hindi movies and it has managed to pass the first weekend on an average note. The collection is not bad at all considering the movie did not create much hype and buzz before its release. The first 3 days collection of the movie is as follows:

Friday- Rs. 2.25 crores

Saturday- Rs. 3 crores

Sunday- Rs. 2.50 crores

So, the total collection as of now reached to Rs. 7.75 crores.

Dobara features Huma Qureshi, Lisa Ray, Adil Hussain and Saqib Saleem in the lead roles. Everyone has delivered great performance while Huma Qureshi could do a bit better. Also, the movie is not very scary so all can watch it at night as well.

The movie is all about a possessed mirror. A spirit named Anna use to stay inside it who was been burnt in the ancient Britain time while she used to practice the witchcraft. While she was burnt her spirit got captured in it and since then the spirit tries to kill all those whoever buy that mirror.

Adil Hussain who plays the character of Alex Merchant once buys this mirror and the story starts there.

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