Emraan Hashmi needs no introduction as he has made his name by giving many Bollywood hits in his film career. Although he has mainly impressed the audience with romantic movies and made his identity as “serial killer” still there are a number of roles in his film career in which he has inspired the audience completely. In this post, we have enlisted Emraan Hashmi’s most inspiring character roles which simply define him as a “versatile” actor of Bollywood.

Arjun (Bookie) – Jannat

In the movie Jannat, the actor Emraan Hashmi was seen in the character of a sports bookie. He used to places bets on betting sites such as Fun88 and successfully predict the outcomes of the match. His friend also knows about his skill of predicting the outcome of sports games. One day he received an offer to fix matches which also marked his entry into the world of crime. Not only his romantic life got ruined but also he lost control over his life. Everyone appreciated his work in the movie and he played a crucial role in making the film successful at the box office.

Shoaib (Gangster) – Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai showed Emraan Hashmi in a completely different role. He was seen in the character of an underworld don, Shoaib who follow his master Sultan and handle all his activities in Mumbai. With the passage of time, he started becoming desirous of gaining supremacy and decided to usurp powers in Mumbai by plotting against Sultan. It is the new avatar of Emraan Hashmi as a gangster in the Hindi cinema. Not only his romantic character but also the character of the gangster was highly lauded by everyone. He also


Awarapan movie is one of the popular movies of Emraan Hashmi’s film carrier and he received praises for his role in the movie. He was seen in the role of Shivam, a young person who never receive love from anyone in his life. Also, he was an atheist and worked for a criminal. On meeting a young girl, he became full of life and started loving her. In the entire movie, he impressed everyone with his expressions and received laurels from the audience. Emraan Hashmi received the best male actor award for his excellent performance in the movie, Awarapan.

First Published on: 15:22 pm - 8, Mar 2019
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