Along with the movies, Bollywood is also synonymous with fitness. Those who can manage their fitness well, are the only ones who are accepted whole heartedly in Bollywood. Hence, almost every actor which you will find ruling the Bollywood industry, would also be proving themselves worthy of it with their fitness goals.

Most of the times, actors resort to personal trainers and gym sessions to maintain their fitness. But hitting the gym is not the only solution to stay fit. Having the right kind of food is also important. And when we say food, there are numerous things you can consider here, and not just the fruits and vegetables. You have spaghetti squash, oats, beans, protein items, and so on.

Here I have listed down few of the fittest Bollywood actors we see in today’s time.

Hrithik Roshan

It would be an insult to the actor if we even consider putting him in any other place than the 1st, when it comes to the fittest Bollywood actors. There is no track of how many hours he spends in the gym, working on his physique. And that work has truly paid off when he is regarded as the sexiest man many times all over the world.

Whether working on any movie or not, he never forgets to hit the gym, even if it costs him only a few hours of sleep. But his gym sessions are never compromised. No wonder he is the fittest.

Ranveer Singh

For almost every movie, we see a different image of Ranveer Singh. While he has a lean body in some, like Gully Boy, he is highly muscular and strong in others, like Simmba. No wonder Ranveer knows how to rule his body as per the need. Though some roles demand his physique to be lean and weak, he is still one of the fittest actors you will find in Bollywood.

And this fitness is also one of the reasons why people are crazy for Ranveer Singh.

Tiger Shroff

This is another actor known for his physique and fitness only. There are only a few actors like him, whose fitness can never be competed with. Obviously keeping aside professional boxers and other such people, talking about movie industry, only a few actors have capabilities to manage that 6 and 8 pack abs.

And Tiger Shroff is definitely one of them.

First Published on: 00:35 am - 22, Jan 2019
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