Biopics on real life stories of eminent personalities are loved by the audience and such movies get a great response. There are many personalities whose biopic movies have been made and there are many more whose life stories deserve to be filmed and presented in front of the whole world.

Here we have a list of five such US personalities whose life stories can make a great movie. Each of these personalities have been through a lot in their lives and their stories make a good content for a movie.

Barack Obama

All of you are definitely aware of this famous personality. Yes, we’re talking about the 44th President of the US, Barack Obama. He was not just the perfect president of US but is also a very good human at heart. He proves his kindness and humbleness in everything that he does. His life before presidency is worth knowing and you’ll learn a lot from it.

Bill Gates

Needless to talk about born millionaires when we have a self-made star as an example. Wouldn’t it be interesting as well as inspiring to know how a man from an upper middle-class family managed to hold the position of world’s richest man? After facing lots and lots of struggles, he a college dropout started hiring the toppers for his own company. We have already seen movies about Mark Zuckerberg who ran into many troubles in his life. It’s time for a Bill Gates movie now.

Michael Jackson

No singer and dancer has come near Michael Jackson even after ten years of his demise. He was one of a kind and there are reasons why he has millions of fans even today. His story is one of the famous failures that him to huge success.

Marilyn Monroe

The life history of Marilyn Monroe can get you goosebumps. She earned a lot of fame in Hollywood but what it took to become an extraordinary actress is something that can inspire you a lot. She didn’t know her father and her siblings until she was 12 and she was even sexually abused. Her story deserves to be presented on the cinema.

Walt Disney

Yes, the man who entertained kids with Mickey Mouse also went through a lot of failures. Those failures contributed towards the huge success of Walt Disney Company. The success story is much too inspiring.

So, these are the names of real life stars who should be presented on the big screen. If a good movie is made on their lives, all the old records will be broken and new records will be made!

First Published on: 22:48 pm - 6, Jan 2019
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