Music has the power to attract everyone by flowing in the body throughout the heart and mind. We listen to music for different purposes. Hence the sources of music are growing in numbers with the time.

There are many popular streaming services available today to enjoy the music comfortably from anywhere. But free mp3 downloads are still capable to make their appearance in the smartphones. Though people are now connected with the internet 24/7 to listen to songs on any video streaming apps, they are also preferring to visit the songs available in their smartphone’s data card.

There are many reasons why mp3 downloads are still popular among the audience even though there are many popular streaming apps available.

Streaming App Do Not Cover All Songs

It is one of the biggest reasons behind people’s inclination towards mp3 downloads. There are many streaming apps available that only cover limited stock of songs to bring traffic on particular popular songs and get paid by the providers. This causes listeners to get frustrated and go for the old and trusted way of listening to songs with a wide variety.

Free mp3 music providers such as Tubidy has a large collection of mp3 songs in different languages and genre. It provides music through mp3 songs and video songs to the people across the world.

Streaming Apps Charge the Users

It is true that there is nothing free of cost in this world. But some times, these words feel overwhelmed when someone charges you more, above the limits. Mp3 songs are still free to download on the different websites. You just have to use a few megabytes of your data for downloading your favorite songs. On the other hand, streaming apps allow you to listen or download music if you have opted for a paid subscription. This is breaking the heart of the people and they are still choosing to download free mp3 songs from a website.

Mp3 Songs Do Not Require Fast Internet Connectivity

It is good that technology has enabled us to use the 4G network on our smartphones. But sometimes network providers are not able to keep their words of providing fast internet connectivity. This makes streaming service very poor and irritating. On the other hand, Mp3 songs are not restricted to the faster network. They can be downloaded even on a slow network and can be listened to thousands of times without losing a bit of data.

First Published on: 11:34 am - 23, Oct 2019
Author: author image Anurag Sharma
Anurag is a Film Journalist and Hindi Translator. He loves writing about Actors, Singers, Musicians and all celebrities.
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