Almost every business has a supply chain that helps it to earn money from various streams. Similar to that, even Bollywood also has a supply chain. A lot of budget goes in making a movie. Do you think all the earning happens from the movie shows itself?

No, right!

There are a lot many sources from which these Bollywood movies earn money. And in most of the cases, producers are able to recover their complete budget before the movie releases. But what are these sources?

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Box Office

This is an obvious case. Every movie is released at the box office. Then, depending on how many people went to see the movie in theatres, and how much the movie earned at the box office, some share is given back to the producers. But this is not the sole income criteria of the movie makers.

Only some part of the budget is recovered from here. Some other sources for making money are:

TV Rights

When a movie is released in theatres, after a certain period of time it is also showcased on the televisions. For this, many channels have to buy satellite rights for the movies to show them on their channels. For example, Salman Khan has a 5 year long deal with the STAR, that his movies will only be shown on STAR channels.

Such TV rights help producers and actors make a lot of money.


Various platforms like Wynk, Gaana, etc. have to purchase the rights to release the movie’s music on their platforms. These rights are also an excellent source for earning that extra money at hand.


Many movies like Krrish also have the merchandise option in front of them. Toys are one thing, but there are other items as well, such as clothing, t-shirts, notebooks, etc. that the movie makers use to allure children and teenagers alike. This merchandise usually develops a craze among the people for along time, and also help producers in making good money.


First Published on: 20:11 pm - 29, Dec 2018
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