Best Bollywood Comedy Movies

Laughter is the Best Medicine & We all know that. And according to Wikipedia there are 100 different forms of humor.┬áBut we don’t care about all of them. We are lovers of Bollywood and our prime source of entertainment lies with Hindi comedy movies. There are so many movies which have come and gone and made us laugh. And the list is huge. And often it’s not fair to compare one movie with another. But sometimes we have to and that is what BOTY provides.

Although, it becomes difficult to find the best movies sometimes because everyone has a different taste when it comes to comedy. Some like it, some like intelligent comedy while most people love the mindless masala comedy. And there are a few happy go lucky type people, who like all of the above.

We have prepared this exclusive list of hindi comedy movies sorted by ratings of BOTY Users. With movies with most positive votes being at the top. Some movies here may be of a different genre, but we thought to include them in this list as well. Because sometimes, we need a proper storyline in a movie than just a lot of jokes.

So check out the list below, and if there is something that you don’t like or like a lot, please remember to log in and rate it appropriately.