After the release of several installments of Harry Potter movies, there was a buzz about the launch of its game version, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Niantic Labs was working on the project after the release of Pokemon Go game in 2016 and released the game on 21 June 2019 globally for iOS and Android users. This free to play game is available on Google Play store and Apple’s App Store.

Earlier, Niantic had released a trailer of the Harry Potter: Wizard Unite game on social media which had gained millions of views overnight. The game’s trailer is fun to watch that scratches the story of Harry Potter in a way which the movies did not. Those who have played Pokemon Go would be familiar with the theme of the gameplay, as the Niantic Lab has developed both the games.

The newer one has complex and sophisticated layers of gameplay. To be familiar with them, users can look for best, most comprehensive Harry Potter Wizards United Guide which will help them to know about several features and smooth type of gameplay. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite follows a format similar to Pokémon Go. It displays your name on a map of the real world around you. The map also includes buildings and items which you will interact with. Apart from the map, you will be provided with various types of assignments in the buildings that a player has to complete with the help of surrounding objects like Fundable, Portkeys, and Potions. You will see these items everywhere in the game.

There are many other favorite games in the gaming market which have a massive number of fan following. But Harry Potter: Wizards Unite of Niantic Lab will boom the gaming market, according to experts because the game is related to the famous Harry Potter movie series. And all the parts of the Harry Potter series were globally hit. If you are a Harry Potter movies lover, then pick up your mobile phone to download it from the play store and enter into a virtual world of wizards.

First Published on: 19:41 pm - 29, Jun 2019
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