Priyanka Chopra has become a global figure today. Due to her large number of international projects, the whole world is now aware about who Priyanka Chopra is. Add to that her association with Nick Jonas now, those who were still not familiar with the bold and beautiful lady, are totally aware of her now.

But the gorgeous face that she flaunts today, is not the one she originally had. Priyanka Chopra has gone through many rigorous plastic surgeries to get the face of today. You can see for yourself how the lady has changed over the many years.

In this article, I will talk about the number of surgeries that PC has gone through ever since her debut in Bollywood.

Her nose job before her debut

If her biography is to be believed, she had gone through a nasal surgery just before her shooting for her debut opposite Bobby Deol was about to begin. But instead of going better, things went down south. Her nose job collapsed the bridge of her nose. With that nose, it was taking extremely long time to get cured. In that time frame, the director of the movie also faced many struggles, due to which the whole project was dumped.

In addition, Priyanka Chopra was expelled from many more projects.

Next lip job

Before the script was written for the movie The Hero – Love Story of a Spy, the actress got her lip job done. When the filmmaker Anil Sharma saw her, he was extremely shocked. He busted on the mother and daughter duo for getting such surgery done just before the movie was about to begin.

The actress apologized and decided to return the payment and quit. However, Anil took her screen test and she succeeded, thereby bagging her first debut role.

Despite causing few roadblocks in the beginning, these surgeries have overall proven to be boon for Priyanka Chopra’s film life. And now she enjoys one of the highest Instagram following among all her peers. If you want to enjoy such a high following, you can buy ig followers too for quick results.

If we go by her pictures before and after, you will notice a huge difference in her features and how she has grown more beautiful over the time.

First Published on: 01:22 am - 10, Jan 2019
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