बोटी का स्कोर
जनता का स्कोर
रिलीज़ दिनांक 6 मई, 2016
कलाकार, ,
निर्माण मूल्य (बजट) ₹70 करोड़
भारत में कमाई ₹90 करोड़
दुनियाभर की कमाई ₹110 करोड़
फ़िल्म शैली, ,
आख़री बदलाव -

फ़िल्म का सार

This is a revenge thriller between a scientist, his son and his evil twin brother. The scientist, Dr. Sethuraman, invents a time machine gadget using which a person can travel in time for maximum 24 hrs. His evil twin, Athreya, decides to snatch the gadget, and in the due process kills his wife. The scientist runs along with his son, Mani, and before his brother could catch him, he hands over his son to a fellow passenger, Sathyabama. Athreya catches up and kills him, but gets severely injured in the process and goes into coma. Sathyabama escapes with Mani to Chennai and raises him as her own son. Years later, Athreya wakes up from coma and decides to hunt for the watch. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

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पहला दिन₹19.22 करोड़
शनिवार₹12 करोड़
रविवार₹14 करोड़
पहला सप्ताहांत (वीकेंड)₹45 करोड़
पहला हफ़्ता₹53 करोड़
भारत में कमाई (बिना टैक्स)₹90 करोड़
दुनियाभर की कमाई₹110 करोड़
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