बोटी का स्कोर
जनता का स्कोर
रिलीज़ दिनांक 1 जनवरी, 2005
कलाकार, ,
निर्माण मूल्य (बजट) अनुपलब्ध
भारत में कमाई अनुपलब्ध
दुनियाभर की कमाई अनुपलब्ध
फ़िल्म शैली,
आख़री बदलाव -

फ़िल्म का सार

This movie narrates an interesting story of two friends. Both of them are actors & directors. After doing several films together, they become successful. After this, they decide to make a film on a murder mystery. Meanwhile, they face some strange problems personally which are similar to the script of their new movie. What would have happened next?

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