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गीत के बोल का मतलब

The song "Rona Chadta" is the first song by the singer Atif Aslam in any Indian Punjabi film. In this song, the lover expresses his feelings and emotions on heartbreak. Here is the Rona Chadta lyrics meaning and its explanation:

Sadi Zindagi ch khaas teri thaan
sochi naa tenu diloon kaddta
loki hanjuaan chon padh lende naa
ese lyi assi rona chaddta

You have a special place in my heart
Don't think I have forgotten you
People read your name from my tears
That's why I stopped crying

mahi mahi dil mera kehnda rehnda hai
dard judayi wala sehnda rehnda hai

My Heart keep saying “beloved beloved”
It keeps on bearing the pain of separation

asi dardaan nu seene ch chupauna sikh leya
tanhaaiyaa nu v gal naal launa sikh leya
layiye darde na kade tera naa
te haqq v jatauna chaddta

I have learnt to hide pain inside my heart
Also, I have develop a relation with loneliness
I never pronounce your name out of fear
And I have stopped claiming my right on you
(I have stopped claiming you as mine)

mile pyaar vich gham badhe lagde pyaare
peedhan dindiya dilase haunke dinde ne sahare
assi haaseya nu kar ditti naah
te khaaba nu sajjauna chadta

The sorrows that I received in love are dear to me
Sufferings console me and crying gives me support
I have closed the door of happiness
And have stopped building dreams

कुछ किससे और कहानियाँ

  • This song was sung by Atif Aslam for the Punjabi movie "Mel Karade Rabba".

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