There is no fixed number to this. Many Bollywood movies exist which are extremely low budget, that is less than Rs. 10 Crores. And then there are movies which have budget touching the sky, that is more than Rs. 300 Crores.

And this is not the collections we are talking about. This is solely the budget of the film, the money that goes in making such a movie. But how do the makers decide on this budget? What all goes in making a collective budget?

Before finalizing and starting with the movie production, a proper analysis is done on how a movie will perform when it will release in theatres. If the movie is expected to have great potential based on the storyline, then high budget cast is selected and exquisite locations are picked. Shooting hence commences!

Most of the times, there are producers like Karan Johar, Salman Khan, Gauri Khan, etc. who can provide the required money for film making. In other cases, the directors and producers go for loan from the banks. Websites like lå also help a lot in connecting directors with the appropriate banks for the loans. But after that, there are certain things that decide a budget.

Lead Cast

People who are in industry for a long time and are extremely popular, usually have high fees for the movie they are doing. Besides them, there are other side actors as well, who become the part of the film.

Movie Team

Not just the actors, there are many people that become a part of the movie indirectly. There are directors, spot boys, assistants, dancers, video editors, and so on, who also get paid. How much money goes to them depends on how heavily their assistance is required and for how long. Movies shot in less duration demand less money, while longer movies demand more.

Equipments and Facilities

How are you going to shoot the movie?

The preparation of sets, vanity vans, services, tools and equipments, etc. are needed in every movie. And if we talk about sets like Padmaavat, then extreme cost would be needed. And if we talk about sets like in Raazi, very less cost is required. It all depends on how heavily you want to show your movie.

Marketing and Promotions

Of course, you have to carry out the marketing of the movie as well.

Where you go for marketing, and how you carry out the task depends on the lead actors and directors associated to the movie. Heavy cast needs heavy promotions. After all, they are the only way you can reach out to maximum people and recover your money when the movie is released.

So, making a movie is not a day’s work. Depending on what story you have, what potential it holds, whom you choose as your team, and how you carry out the promotions, a movie’s budget is calculated.

First Published on: 22:50 pm - 2, Jan 2019
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