The film industry has been progressing at a rapid pace and technology has played a major role in the faster developments of the cinema world. People flock to theatres to watch high-quality movies and the effects of different technologies have made it even feasible for people to get a dose of entertainment in a more comfortable way. The use of face recognition technology has been becoming popular in movies to provide an amazing experience to people while watching movies. In addition to this, the technology is highly used for recognition of the reactions of people to different movie scenes when they watch movies.

Track the Reactions of Audience

With the help of a face recognition technology, it is easier to detect the expressions of people for different scenes. This is helpful for studying the reactions of people at a different instance of time while watching a movie. Disney first utilized the face recognition technology for this purpose in the year 2017 and it gave it positive results. The research team of the company is using deep learning techniques in order to track the facial expressions of the moviegoers while watching movies so as to assess their emotional reactions to different scenes. Using the “factorized variational autoencoders” (FVAEs) algorithm, one can predict the reaction of a person to the rest of the movie after analyzing the facial expressions for the first 10 minutes.

Finding Face lookalikes

As we mentioned above, it is easier to recognize the face of a person to know about his expressions using this technology, it is possible to find a similar-looking personality from a given region. And this is being used by various filmmakers to show the lookalike of a person in their movies with the use of some editing techniques. In addition to this, it also helps to save a lot of cost on the part of a moviemaker while making a movie. Even many online sources are using this technology to find lookalike faces in adult movies for offering a high dose of entertainment to the audience.

Measure Actors’ Brands

With the use of face recognition technology, one can easily measure the brands of different actors to evaluate their performance in a given movie. The audience can scan the face of an actor to measure his expressions based on the genre of a movie. This can be useful to decide the effectiveness of an actor in a movie before booking movie tickets.

First Published on: 19:41 pm - 5, Nov 2019
Author: author image Anurag Sharma
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