Who doesn’t wish to look good?

And a celebrity is the perfect idol when it comes to setting the standards of dressing. They always look like they have just stepped off some runway, always staying picture ready. How do they manage to look so good all the time? What are their secrets?

While some of these celebs take care of their dressing styles on their own, some have proper stylists. And many people believe that it is tough to match them. BUT, looking like one of your favorite celebrities is much easier than you think. Let me share some tips with you, which will help you copy any of your favorite celebs with ease. Keep these tips in mind next time you decide to step out of the house.

Be Simple

Outside the Red carpet and movies, celebs look often simple, yet stylish. Even in a casual tee and jeans, they carry themselves with such poise, that people love every look of their outfit. So it doesn’t really matter what you wear. You should not always run behind classy dresses to look like a celeb. Being as simple as possible can also look great if you know how to carry that dress with pride.

Now, these clothes can be bought from lavish stores as well, and simple shops also. But If you want to stay within the budget, it becomes crucial to rely on coupons and reviews. And I have just the perfect site in mind, the shopping website GeekWrapped. Here you can find a lot of coupons and reviews for your nearby stores, where you can find exactly the same dress you were looking for.

Use Quality Makeup

The cheap charlie makeups can spoil the overall look and personality of anybody, even if he or she is a celebrity. So never make that mistake. There is a glow on the face of celebs even in their casual wear, thanks to the quality makeup that they use. There is no need of applying thousands of products on your face when you can look beautiful even with minimalistic makeup.

So make sure what you apply is of great quality. Bad products will not only make you look poorly dressed but also spoil your skin in long term.

First Published on: 22:38 pm - 8, Aug 2018
Author: author image Bhavya
Bhavya is BOTY's Sr. Journalist who has done a lot of research over the years on Bollywood. She loves to write latest news and movie updates.
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