Hrithik Roshan’s net worth might make you wonder how a person who is 48 years old can do all of this.

I’m not saying that he is not a successful actor, but how does he manage to do all of these? Investments are at their place only. I know I’m talking about money and all, but I’m also focusing on his growth.

We all remember the cute boy “Kaho Na Pyaar Hai.” I don’t know about others, but I didn’t expect that that guy would be one of the most handsome, well-built, and rich actors in India. Not just this, he is also one of the top Indian dancers which is evident from his dance moves in movies. 

The things he is doing now are expected from a young actor who is 30, unmarried, etc. But Hrithik Roshan’s worth and his lavishing lifestyle prove that it’s never too late and age is just a number.

If you want to make it, make it anytime you want. If you fail, give it some time, get back, and try again. 

How many of you are aware of his failures? I don’t remember very specifically, but yes, I did notice that he vanished from movies for some time.

I thought actors take breaks like this and then come back. But nope! His career the great Hrithik Roshan’s career also suffered.

But eventually, he was able to find his excellence, and I think he also realized that his time of doing rom-com movies was gone, and he needed to do something exceptional.

Hrithik Roshan in Super 30

I’m a Dhoom 2 person, so I never thought that he would do something like Super 30. I would be very honest; I cried in the theatre. 

His acting was just on point, and it was the time I saw the real Hrithik Roshan.

But did you know that his movies are just a part of his net worth? Yes. Brand endorsements and businesses are what make him rich. So, let’s see what this richness looks like.

How Much Does He Earn? 

Hrithik Roshan’s net worth is around $375 million. Yes, you have heard it right. I was shocked too! That’s why we should never judge someone on the basis of their screen appearance.

Maybe they never faced the camera or media, but it has nothing to do with their success and money. 

Hrithik Roshan in Bang Bang Movie

So, how does he earn this much money? 

I think a majority of you are aware of his clothing brand HRX. It is a fitness clothing brand, and I am obsessed with it.

No worries, I’m not promoting his brand. I’m just saying that he looks stunning when he promotes his brand.

Moreover, there’s a secret. You know, we always see how actors buy expensive things, and we think that they are just being rich. But it is actually a kind of investment.

Don’t get confused, I’m coming to the point. Yes, his collection of watches is there. Meanwhile, why don’t you guess what Hrithik Roshan can own? A big house, car, or something more valuable? 

I think all of it. He has it all. Here’s the list – 

His Luxurious Sea Facing House

Recently I saw Hrithik Roshan posted a picture playing chess with his son. The house was located in Juhu, and it was just stunning. The house is worth 97.50 crores.

Hrithik Roshan in Krrish 3 Movie

It’s luxurious, it’s sea facing, and just stunning. Just to remind you, it’s not his only house! He also has one in Lonavla.

Come on! Having two houses in Mumbai is not an easy thing to do. 

His Watch Collection

Now, this is something you all have been waiting for. So, Hrithik Roshan is fascinated with wristwatches, and he has an entire collection of them. You know, it makes me think that you can actually make money from your hobby.

The collection includes several brands like Rolex and Rado. So, what do you think? Does he actually wear these watches? 

Maybe, maybe not. I mean, he owns this, so he will wear it. But Rich people think differently. Investment is their habit. They don’t show off their money. It’s always to serve the bigger purpose.

Another Bollywood celebrity Shah Rukh Khan also owns a collection of wristwatches. So it is pretty evident that apart from a hobby, it is something more.

His Cars

Hrithik Roshan’s car, It’s a Rolls Royce Ghost series. Have you seen the car? It is just absolutely stunning. I don’t know much about cars, but I can surely tell you one thing, it looks amazing.

Hrithik Roshan in Lakshya Movie

Paparazzi have captured him several times with his car. Men are obsessed with cars or bikes. Salman Khan, for example, also has a collection of bikes.

So, is it a luxury or an investment? It works both ways. When you are making a collection, obviously it is not just to sit and watch. The value increases. This is the reason they don’t buy stuff from smaller brands.

His Clothing Brand

Now, you can tell that he has made an investment, and it gives him money. So, recently, an ad appeared, and people went absolutely crazy. Hrithik Roshan started his own clothing brand titled, HRX.

This is nothing new, though. If you also follow Hollywood, you must know that Rihanna, the pop star, has become a self-made billionaire, and it has only become possible for her makeup and clothing line.

Yes, she owns a lingerie line and a makeup line called Fenty Beauty, especially for colored women.

I think Hrithik has thought the same. And he came up with the idea of launching his own fitness clothing brand, HRX. Today, HRX Brand’s net worth stands around ₹200 Crores. 


Rich people never think of saving money but invest it to make more money. People like you and me would have just been dependent on our acting career, which is not something that you can consider for a long time.

Priyanka Chopra, known for acting only, is a global star and multiple business owner. Starting from haircare brands to restaurants, she is rocking it. Her net worth speaks the same.

Hrithik Roshan’s net worth makes us realize that you are never old to achieve what you couldn’t when you were young, and you should always upgrade with time. 

First Published on: 10:23 am - 17, May 2023
Author: author image Piyush Chugh
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