Every celeb, whether a TV actor, sportsperson, movie actor, political icon, etc. has a huge fan following on social media platforms. When people start recognizing you, they start following you as well. And same is the case with the Indian celebs. Every one of them has thousands, millions of fans on different platforms. While some are at the initial stage, some appear in top 10 popular celebs as well.

And all of them have genuine fan following. But you can also buy votes if you wish to increase followers instantly. Here we will talk about top 5 celebs who have maximum following on the social media. Take inspiration from them and get your followers increased.

Narendra Modi

Ever since he became the Prime Minister of India, he has become famous in the entire world. Modi Ji’s stories of success are wide known, thanks to Gujarat. And the hope for a better India is also rising high on his shoulders. All of this makes him one of the most beloved as well as the most followed Indian personalities. He has the highest Facebook as well as Twitter votes among all the celebs.

While his work is natural, you can also buy Twitter votes if you wish to become famous instantly. But it is highly advisable to go by the natural course and become famous.

Facebook Followers: 43M

Twitter Followers: 43.9M

Virat Kohli

This is the decade of Virat Kohli. From hitting centuries, to marrying a beautiful successful Bollywood actress, Virat Kohli has been riding the ladder of fame for plenty of reasons. While he is dominant at the cricket pitch, he is also dominant in the hearts of millions of his fans. And that is totally evident from his huge fan following.

Facebook Followers: 37M

Twitter Followers: 26.5M

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka has always been a popular celeb, ever since she won multiple beauty pageants and became an international sensation with her singing and acting. Now when she is tied to Nick Jonas, she has become even more popular. All of this popularity screams widely through her social media fan following.

Facebook Followers: 37M

Twitter Followers: 23.2M

Salman Khan

The “bhai” of Bollywood is the heart-throb of millions of people in this world. He does not even have to work at international level to rise in popularity. His Indian work is enough to speak about him. Salman Khan is the choice for multiple movies, multiple Facebook polls, and multiple reality show hostings. And he literally does not have to buy facebook poll votes. The love of people for him makes him their first choice always.

Facebook Followers: 36M

Twitter Followers: 34.5M

Deepika Padukone

She is truly a beauty queen, with an amazing acting talent. Without coming from a Bollywood background, she has established herself strongly in this movie industry. And her work speaks itself for her. Be it her chemistry with Ranveer Singh, or her acting in multiple movies, she is truly a heartthrob. And hence, her fan following is also huge.

Facebook Followers: 34M

Twitter Followers: 24.7M

First Published on: 00:02 am - 18, Sep 2018
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