Shahrukh Khan has kept everybody curious related to when the actual trailer of Jab Harry Met Sejal will release. He has been going extremely cautious with the release of content related to his upcoming movie. As always, he manages to come up with a completely different marketing strategy for his each movie. Jab Harry Met Sejal is going to be the first collaboration between Shahrukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali, the director of the movie.

So far, we have seen 3 mini trailers of this movie, but not a single trailer has been released. What has been the strategy behind releasing these 3 mini trailers? The primary idea for these short video clips had been to give a sneak peak into the movie. This had been done just to keep the curiosity among the audience alive until the release of the movie. The mini trailers show us what characters are there in the film and what is the bond between Harry and Sejal.

The team already has a full official trailer of the movie ready with it. But according to the sources, they are planning to launch the trailer 10 days prior to the movie. This has been the new marketing strategy of the main lead, Shahrukh Khan. That is, to come up with mini trailers much before the movie and release the full trailer near to the actual release of the movie.

Other than this, the other strategy adopted by him is to meet all the Sejals in Ahmedabad as a part of the movie’s promotion. A similar case happened with Raees, where he met everybody with the name of Raees.

The movie is set to hit the theaters on August 4. We are extremely curious to watch the trailer of the movie. How curious are you?

First Published on: 15:50 pm - 10, Jul 2017
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