Prakash Jha’s latest marvel hit the screens on 4th march and at its tenth day it has already lost 75% of  its collections from day 1, perhaps the audience did not see it as a marvel. Right into its second week, the movie started came under the Rs. 2 cr a day mark sliding down Rs. 0.2 cr each day.

It is perhaps the absence of a true nature to the film that it has fell so early. Although strong performances were there from the cast, which was lead by Priyanka Chopra, the Bollywood sensation now growing on to Hollywood. Most analysts and critiques believed that with all else being there, the movie lacked somewhere in the plot as it slipped the grasps of director in the second half. Perhaps it would be right to blame Prakash Jha’s debut as an actor that might have quashed his directorial abilities.

Jai Gangaajal did not have a huge opening, most considered it to be a below average draft. The motion picture was helped greatly by the Mahashivratri collections which escorted it to procure top collections day, but a gradual and consistent fall followed, leaving it to Rs. 1.35 cr for the last day of the second week. Here are the stats for the last three days of Jai Gangaajal.

Day 8 : Rs. 1.75 cr
Day 9 : Rs. 1.55 cr
Day 10 : Rs. 1.35 cr

Total 2nd weekend collections : Rs. 4.65 cr

Total 10 Day Collections: Rs. 31.65 cr