The man who has won two Oscars, 55 other wins, and was nominated 86 times. We all have grown up with his movies. The ones that made us hold on to our seats with his versatile and oh so amazing acting. His stage presence is beyond any doubt remarkable. It is safe to say Kevin Spacey Fowler is one of the best American actors that we have ever come across. His talents, however, isn’t limited on stage. From being a singer to a director, producer, and screenwriter his abilities shock us all. Be it his role as a supporting acting in the crime thriller, the Usual Suspects or his portrayal of a man who is undergoing midlife crisis in The American Beauty, we have always wanted to see more and more of Kevin Spacey on screen.

His enigmatic presence and remarkable talent have made us belief he is actually the character that we see on our screen. So, let us do a difficult job and pick out only five of Kevin Spacey’s greatest movies.

The Usual Suspects

The entertaining and compelling movie about five criminals who come across each other in a police lineup end up hatching the perfect plan. But, will they be able to pull off the dangerous heist that involves three million dollars in precious emeralds? Amidst all the other characters in the movie who have undoubtedly done a good job it is Kevin Spacey who reaches a new height with his acting. It is one of Hollywood’s must watch movies till date.


Grab on to your seats for a serial killer is out loose. The murders are done according to the seven deadly sins – pride, wrath, lust, gluttony, envy, sloth, and greed. Two detectives take up the task of finding this mad man. One about to retire, a veteran and the other a rookie. It is the dark, gripping, and shocking climax that makes us fall in love with this thriller over and over again.

L.A. Confidential

The rise in crime and murders in Los Angeles forces three policemen to do their jobs. One sleazy, one brutal, and one a straight arrow. Their personal brand of justice in solving the crimes will make you go crazy over the movies.

American Beauty

When midlife crisis hits, a sexually frustrated father goes through a phase of infatuation where he happens to develop feelings for his daughter’s best friend.

Pay it Forward

A movie that motivates and inspires people to do the right thing. It is not only the movie but the actors in it who appeal to us the most.

These are some of the best Kevin Spacey movies that you shouldn’t miss out on, ever.

First Published on: 03:39 am - 19, Feb 2019
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