Farhan Akhtar and Diana Penty starrer Lucknow Central released today at the box office. The film is based on a jailhouse and is based on true life events. The film has created a buzz because of its trailer and songs. Let’s have a look at the film’s reviews by all leading critics.

Movie Review

Raja Sen from NDTV terms the film as stupid. He says the film’s climax is very slow and never ending which makes it a slow motion film. 

According to Renuka from TOI, the film despite being predictable and filmy in portions can manipulate the audience emotionally. It is a feel-good, human, prison-break drama film. The film is more evolved than similar film Qaidi Band. The essential element is its “winning against all odds” theme and the reason of the inmates to live within the four walls of the prison is heartstrings.

Sonil Dedhia of MId Day writes, the film can make one cry and laugh. Also, it may leave one with memories even after its conclusion. The music could have played a crucial role in its success but fails. The climax of the film takes the film on a bitter note. Overall, a good film to watch.

Sukanya Verma from Rediff says the film does not any significant statements on the legal system or rehabilitation beyond tedious displays of violence and stray moments.