Without makeup, no one can really function well. And when we talk about movies, then actors and actresses have to go through heavy makeup routines every single day, just to look fresh and glowing on the screen.

Although each and every celebrity needs some bit of makeup, not every stylist and makeup artist become popular. More than just making the skin glow, these artists have to work in covering other skin deformities as well, like stretch marks, rashes, redness, etc. Although you will find a lot of stretch marks removal solutions in the world, but people prefer covering them by makeup only.

And even though every stylist is good in his or her art, yet only a few of them manage to win the hearts of everyone. And it is because of them, people fall head over heels for gorgeous divas and beauties.

Here I will be listing few of those amazing stylists whose clientele is the mega stars of Bollywood and who have become extremely famous.

Namrata Soni

She is the makeup artist for Bollywood divas like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha. And knowing how extremely gorgeous all these 3 beauties are, you can imagine how much popularity Namrata Soni would have garnered. She is truly excellent in her field and is the most desirable stylist and makeup artist at the moment.


Not just Bollywood, but every film industry needs makeup artists. And how many of you remember Chitti from Robot?

Banu is the hand behind creating that look of Rajinikanth. No computer graphics were used. The look you saw on Chitti was original. And Banu did an excellent work in giving Rajini the look of a rubber toy in the form of Chitti. She was a beautician, who later turned makeup artist for popular celebs like Rajinikanth, Aishwarya, Suriya, Vikram, and few more.

Christien Tinsley

When we talk about excellent makeup in Bollywood, many of you might get the images of Amitabh Bachchan from the movie, Paa. This amazing look was created by popular Hollywood makeup artist, Christien Tinsley. He is a well known artist for 2D and 3D makeups all over the world.

First Published on: 10:54 am - 13, Nov 2018
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