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Release Date
3 February, 2006
5 crores
Box Office India
9 crores
Box Office Worldwide
13 crores
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Ricky is the most famous fashion photographer in the country and has also earned the reputation of being a lady killer. He dreams of photographing the sexiest diva, Sheena Roy. Soon he meets Rajveer, who gives him a very intriguing offer involving Sheena Roy herself. Soon a love triangle ensues where everybody is trying to take on the other two, and at the end, one of them is found murdered. Was it so simple as it appears or is there any twist in the story?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.95 crores
Saturday 0.85 crores
Sunday 1.04 crores
First Weekend 2.85 crores
Monday 0.50 crores
Tuesday 0.47 crores
First Week 4.64 crores
Second Week 2.26 crores
Third Week 0.74 crores
Lifetime India (net) 9 crores
Worldwide Gross 13 crores
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