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43 4.3 10
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Release Date
14 June, 2002
8 crores
Box Office India
4 crores
Box Office Worldwide
7 crores
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Chaddha and D’Souza families, once best of friends, turn bitter when their children fall in love and elope. Several years later, Raja comes to stay with them claiming himself as their grandson. Initially, he is faced with the bitterness of both families. But with his love and persistence, he wins everybody’s heart. In the meantime, a girl named Radha land in their house and claims to be Raja’s wife. With Jassi Chachu and Moses uncle already doubting his existence, entry of Radha adds to their suspicion. With so much anonymity around, will Raja succeed in proving his identity? Is Raja really who he claims to be?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.63 crores
Saturday 0.58 crores
Sunday 0.67 crores
First Weekend 1.8 crores
First Week 2.72 crores
Second Week 0.72 crores
Third Week 0.18 crores
Lifetime India (net) 4 crores
Worldwide Gross 7 crores
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