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Release Date 10 March, 2017
Budget ₹44 crores
Box Office India ₹117 crores
Box Office Worldwide ₹178 crores
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Badrinath Bansal from Jhansi falls in love with Vaidehi Trivedi from Kota, but the latter refuse to acknowledge his love. They both have diametrically opposite opinions about everything in life. Even though both realize the goodness of each other, their individual aims come in their way. This leads to a clash of ideologies and egos. Despite grave differences, will the two come together?


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Day-wise Box Office Collections

First Day₹12.25 crores
Saturday₹14.75 crores
Sunday₹16.05 crores
First Weekend₹43.05 crores
Monday₹12.08 crores
Tuesday₹7.52 crores
First Week₹73.66 crores
Second Weekend₹17.56 crores
Second Week₹28.12 crores
Lifetime India (net)₹117 crores
Worldwide Gross₹178 crores
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Fun Facts & Triva

  • During college days, Varun's friends used to call him Badri.
  • The character Badri in this film is the fan of Virat Kohli.
  • Varun even copied Kohli's hairstyle in this film.
  • A popular song of 90's Tamma Tamma is recreated in this film.
  • Varun & Alia underwent speech therapies for perfect accent as per the demand of the movie.
  • The actor actually got drunk for a scene to make it look more real.
  • The title track 'Badri Ki Dulhaniya' is made on the tunes of 'Pinjrewali Muniya' which is an old classic song famous in some parts of Northern India.
  • During the shooting, Alia cried many times because she wasn't getting diet food in most of the hotels.
  • After shooting some of the scenes, Varun and Shashank looked at Alia for approval. If she laughed heartily, then the scene was approved. But if she faked a laugh, retake was on its way.

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