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45 4.5 10
Total Votes: 25
Release Date
25 February, 2005
18 crores
Box Office India
17 crores
Box Office Worldwide
34 crores
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Anjali and Raja are in a relationship. But Anjali hides this fact from her parents, except her sister. When her sister dies in an accident, she is forced to abandon her love to become a mother to her sister’s twins. She marries the widower Aditya and moves to New Delhi. Three years later, Raja re-enters her life and their love blooms again. Will Anjali leave the children behind and move on to her happy family with Raja?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 1.93 crores
Saturday 1.82 crores
Sunday 1.87 crores
First Weekend 5.62 crores
First Week 8.87 crores
Second Week 3.74 crores
Third Week 1.77 crores
Lifetime India (net) 17 crores
Worldwide Gross 34 crores
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