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65 6.5 10
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Release Date
30 May, 2003
7 crores
Box Office India
15 crores
Box Office Worldwide
24 crores
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Vishal along with his wife Swati, moves into a high rise building in Mumbai. Later, Swati discovers that the previous owner had killed herself by jumping from the balcony. On knowing her story, she is distressed and starts behaving erratically. An exorcist is called to help Swati. Vishal believes it to be just a psychological problem and shrugs it off. Meanwhile, someone kills the building’s watchman. Both husband and wife are the major suspects in the murder. How will Vishal solve the entire fiasco? Is it just a psychological problem or is Swati really possessed?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 1.27 crores
Saturday 1.15 crores
Sunday 1.28 crores
First Weekend 3.7 crores
First Week 6.43 crores
Second Week 3.48 crores
Third Week 1.93 crores
Lifetime India (net) 15 crores
Worldwide Gross 24 crores
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