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76 7.6 10
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Release Date
2 October, 2015
112 crores
Box Office India
71 crores
Box Office Worldwide
123 crores
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“Right to Fight”- the biggest international, mixed martial arts event arrives in India. Both brothers, struggling with their own set of problems, end up enlisting themselves to fight in this ‘Winner-takes-all’ event. But what happened that made one brother stand against another in a ring? Will this fight repair their old wounds? The story unfolds the journey of 2 brothers and their father, as they seek to find redemption and healing.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 13.04 crores
Saturday 15.85 crores
Sunday 18.53 crores
First Weekend 47.42 crores
First Week 64.34 crores
Second Week 6.02 crores
Third Week 0.25 crores
Lifetime India (net) 71 crores
Worldwide Gross 123 crores
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