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Release Date 19 February, 1999
Starring, ,
Budget ₹7 crores
Box Office India ₹12 crores
Box Office Worldwide ₹21 crores
Genre, ,
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Ravi Verma is a lawyer, who has no morals or principles. He will go to any extent to free his father-in-law, Tejeshwar’s friends and business partners from the law. One of his victims is an honest municipal commissioner, Satyaprakash, who is imprisoned due to the charges posed by one of Ravi’s clients. Tejashwar arranges for Satya’s death in the prison, labeling it as a suicide. Satya’s son, Karan, finds out about his suicide and believes that Ravi is behind his father’s death. Outraged, he shoots Ravi and his wife, Kajal, on the street. Kajal dies on the spot, whereas Ravi survives. Upon his release from the hospital, he continues with his life, unaware of the fact that his wife is not Kajal, but her look-alike Kajri. Meanwhile, Karan’s revenge against Ravi continues. Will Ravi be able to prove his innocence and bring justice to Karan’s father?

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Day-wise Box Office Collections

First Day₹0.85 crores
Saturday₹0.68 crores
Sunday₹0.84 crores
First Weekend₹2.38 crores
Monday₹0.58 crores
Tuesday₹0.52 crores
First Week₹4.22 crores
Second Week₹2.16 crores
Third Week₹1.22 crores
Lifetime India (net)₹12 crores
Worldwide Gross₹21 crores
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True Adj Domestic Net ₹103.44 (
) crores
True Adj Worldwide Gross ₹181.02 (
) crores

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