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Total Votes: 28
Release Date 17 January, 2003
Budget ₹8 crores
Box Office India ₹6 crores
Box Office Worldwide ₹15 crores
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Jai is a perfect man and has everything a girl could ever dream of. But the girl he loves, is in love with somebody else. Suddenly, the events take a 360 degree turn where something disastrous happens. Jai loses every chance of being with Tia ever. But, destiny has something else in store. Now, Tia is in immense love with Jai and possess every feeling he ever wanted to see in her eyes. But Jai is unable to reciprocate the same. What could be the reason holding him from loving her? Will they ever be together or destiny will keep them apart?

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Day-wise Box Office Collections

First Day₹0.56 crores
Saturday₹0.63 crores
Sunday₹0.57 crores
First Weekend₹1.76 crores
First Week₹2.9 crores
Second Week₹1.17 crores
Third Week₹0.74 crores
Lifetime India (net)₹6 crores
Worldwide Gross₹15 crores
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Inflation Adjusted Earning

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True Adj Domestic Net ₹36.6 (
) crores
True Adj Worldwide Gross ₹91.5 (
) crores

Movie Reception

Dil Ka Rishta Box Office collections were a little under the mark. The film couldn't recover its budget from Domestic Collections. But Dil Ka Risha faired somewhat decent in the overseas market especially the Indian Sub continent and the Middle East countries which helped the movie put up a respectable worldwide figure.

It was an average film in terms of public reception. Some people liked it and some didn't. There were more people who gave the movie thumbs down. Critics reviews for this film was also below average.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • Arjun Rampal's role was originally offered to Fardeen Khan, Rahul Khanna and Madhavan.
  • Aishwarya Rai Produced this movie. It was her first production.
  • This was the Last Movie of Rakhee Gulzar.

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