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82 8.2 10
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Release Date
20 October, 1995
4 crores
Box Office India
54 crores
Box Office Worldwide
104 crores
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Chaudhry Baldev Singh of Indian-origin is settled in London with his family. He has 2 daughters, Rajeshwari alias ‘Chukti’, the younger daughter and Simran, his elder daughter. When Simran was a child, Baldev had set her marriage with his childhood friend’s son Ajit back in India. But when Simran goes on a trip to Europe, she meets with Raj Malhotra and both fall in love. When she conveys this to her dad, he is enraged about this and immediately takes Simran to India – where she must undergo preparations for her marriage to Ajit. Will Raj be able to save his love?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.55 crores
Saturday 0.47 crores
Sunday 0.54 crores
First Weekend 1.56 crores
First Week 3.37 crores
Second Week 3.35 crores
Third Week 3.49 crores
Lifetime India (net) 54 crores
Worldwide Gross 104 crores
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