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Release Date
20 October, 2006
38 crores
Box Office India
51 crores
Box Office Worldwide
106 crores
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Don is injured in a police encounter and police recruit his look-alike Vijay to take down don’s gang. The news of don’s death is in the air although he is kept in a secret location by police. The police officer who recruits Vijay gets killed and now a simple man Vijay is bound to take care of himself. Will he succeed in his mission?


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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 4.65 crores
Saturday 4.28 crores
Sunday 5.24 crores
First Weekend 14.18 crores
Monday 4.10 crores
Tuesday 3.50 crores
First Week 24.44 crores
Second Week 13.92 crores
Third Week 6.49 crores
Lifetime India (net) 51 crores
Worldwide Gross 106 crores
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