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Release Date 8 June, 1990
Starring, ,
Budget ₹2 crores
Box Office India ₹17 crores
Box Office Worldwide ₹21 crores
Genre, ,
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Ajay is an amateur boxer who is living with his brother Ashok and his sister in law. Ajay is sent to Bangalore to undergo a training. One day, he comes to know that his brother is missing. His inquiries and complaints lead him to nowhere. His persistence brings him to Ashok’s friend, who reveals the dark secrets of his brother’s business. He reveals how Ashok was trapped by Balwant to cover his (Balwant’s) illegal activities. When Ashok threatens to shut down his illegal trade, he kidnaps him and torture him to reveal where he has kept all the data. When he gets hold of the data, he immediately kills Ashok. Later, he frames Ajay for the murder and having illicit relationship with his sister in law. Unable to bear the trauma, she commits suicide. Ajay is sent to jail. One day, he escapes from there with the help of his new friends to fight for the justice. One by one he takes down all of Balwant’s henchmen. Finally, Ajay kills Balwant in front of the public, in an amusement park.

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