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Release Date 25 August, 2000
Starring, ,
Budget ₹9 crores
Box Office India ₹15 crores
Box Office Worldwide ₹30 crores
Genre, ,
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Priti and Avinash are living happily with their children and then one day police come to their house to arrest Priti on the charge of prostitution without a license. The police are sent by Avinash's father only. It all happened because of an incident which took place one day. One day, Priti witnessed a stabbing on the crowded road. No one came to help the victim except Avinash. Because she decided to be an evidence against the assailant Bhawani Pandey, she was raped by assailant's brother Babloo Pandey. She was rejected by the society then Avinash decided to be her life support. They got married. One day they visited Priti's friend's marriage where they both saw Babloo Pandey as her groom. What will they do now?

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Day-wise Box Office Collections

First Day₹0.77 crores
Saturday₹0.77 crores
Sunday₹0.94 crores
First Weekend₹2.49 crores
Monday₹0.80 crores
Tuesday₹0.70 crores
First Week₹4.92 crores
Second Week₹3.38 crores
Third Week₹2.09 crores
Lifetime India (net)₹15 crores
Worldwide Gross₹30 crores
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True Adj Domestic Net ₹108.75 (
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True Adj Worldwide Gross ₹217.5 (
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