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44 4.4 10
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Release Date
31 May, 2002
19 crores
Box Office India
12 crores
Box Office Worldwide
23 crores
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Munnabhai, a dreaded but good-hearted gangster of Mumbai falls in love with Komal. He is so smitten by her that he starts visualizing her at every point of time. To overcome this habit, he visits Doctor Rastogi, who advises him to woo the girl. But the girl in turn is in love with Raja, a bouncer in a bowling alley. Soon after, Doctor realizes that Don is in love with none other than his own sister. To protect her, they both fly down to Malaysia along with Ajay as her bodyguard, to marry her off. Not the one to be left behind, Munnabhai also follows them. Helpless and powerless in Malaysia, Munnabhai plays a smart trick and all are deported back to India. Now what will happen when they land in Mumbai? Will Doctor be able to save his sister? Who will marry Komal, Raja or Munnabhai?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 1.63 crores
Saturday 1.46 crores
Sunday 1.55 crores
First Weekend 4.64 crores
First Week 7.38 crores
Second Week 2.51 crores
Third Week 1.07 crores
Lifetime India (net) 12 crores
Worldwide Gross 23 crores
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