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Total Votes: 25
Release Date
16 August, 2002
18 crores
Box Office India
11 crores
Box Office Worldwide
19 crores
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Divya, a reincarnated soul, commits suicide after she is raped by her college friend 2nd time. She believes all of her friends were involved in the rape whereas the truth remains exact opposite. When Kapil, the lover of Divya in previous birth, gets to know about her, he comes back to life. He takes revenge on all the group with the help of Divya’s spirit. As a result, the rapist is strangulated first to death and now he is after rest of the friends. To save them from the spirit, principal gives them a locket and asks them to wear it all the time. He assures them that till the time they are wearing that necklace, nobody could harm them. But due to circumstances, they are forced to remove their necklace one by one, and are attacked by Kapil to death. Fearing he is next, Vivek calls his big brother Karan to rescue. Karan shields Vivek from Kapil and tries to fight him but in vain. In the process, Karan succumbs to death. The same priest who gave them lockets, resurrects Karan with outerworld energies, granting him supernatural powers. Will he now be able to destroy Kapil?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 1.35 crores
Saturday 1.28 crores
Sunday 1.39 crores
First Weekend 4.02 crores
First Week 6.47 crores
Second Week 2.32 crores
Third Week 0.79 crores
Lifetime India (net) 11 crores
Worldwide Gross 19 crores
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