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37 3.7 10
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Release Date
13 May, 2005
15 crores
Box Office India
9 crores
Box Office Worldwide
15 crores
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Nihaal Singh is an honest constable from a village in Punjab. One day he encounters Romeo, who spreads terror for money. Nihaal Singh unwittingly helps him in his escape. Because of this, all his reputation in the eyes of villagers gets spoiled. In fact, he is labeled as a traitor. Romeo visits the US to execute his next terror plan. FBI invites Nihaal to come to the US to help them find Romeo because only Nihaal remembers how Romeo looks. But they have some other plans in their mind in regards to Romeo. Will Nihaal give up on Romeo or will he be able to bring him back to India to get back his lost reputation?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 1.60 crores
Saturday 1.22 crores
Sunday 1.50 crores
First Weekend 4.32 crores
Monday 0.80 crores
Tuesday .70 crores
First Week 6.70 crores
Second Week 1.09 crores
Third Week 0.24 crores
Lifetime India (net) 9 crores
Worldwide Gross 15 crores
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