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Release Date 22 May, 1992
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Budget N/A
Box Office India ₹7 crores
Box Office Worldwide N/A
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The highlight of the movie is an inter-college annual sports competition, where the major event is cycle marathon. Both Ratan Lal Sharma (Model College) and Shekhar Malhotra participate in the race, where Shekhar wins the event since Ratan had an inferior bike. Now enters Sanju , who is the younger brother of Ratan and completely carefree and irresponsible in nature. One day, Devika enters the city and both Shekhar and Sanju are instantly attracted to her. To impress her, Sanju gives her a lift and brags about his imaginary wealth. Impressed, she starts dating him. When she realizes his real condition, she breaks up with him, which is followed by a tussle between Sanju and Shekhar. In the heat of the moment, Sanju also fights with his dad and leaves the home. Next day, Ratan meets with an accident and is hospitalized. During this time, Sanju and his father reconcile and he becomes more mature now. He decided to participate in the race event. With his new bike with him, will be able to win against Shekhar this time?

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