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62 6.2 10
Total Votes: 51
Release Date
10 April, 1998
5 crores
Box Office India
5 crores
Box Office Worldwide
9 crores
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Both Dev and Ajay are orphans brought up by an alcoholic person Avatar Singh. They are good for nothing guys who want to become rich in no time. One day Ajay steals a man’s wallet and in this act, that person Mohan gets killed in an accident. They both feel guilty for their actions. They go to Mohan’s village to help his family and introduce themselves as his best friends to that person’s family. Will the truth unfold before Mohan’s family?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.55 crores
Saturday 0.41 crores
Sunday 0.50 crores
First Weekend 1.47 crores
Monday 0.35 crores
Tuesday 0.30 crores
First Week 2.53 crores
Second Week 1.07 crores
Lifetime India (net) 5 crores
Worldwide Gross 9 crores
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