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33 3.3 10
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Release Date
5 March, 1999
11 crores
Box Office India
7 crores
Box Office Worldwide
13 crores
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Lal Singh aka Lal Baadshah has grown up with the poor and needy people. He is a very helping person and lives for others. In the same city where he lives, there is a Don named Vicky Baadshah, who always clashes with Lal Baadshah. Vicky is the son of Dayal Singh, who lives far away in a castle. He is constantly searching for the treasure which belonged to Maharaja whom he had killed years ago. That time, Maharaja’s loyal subordinate, Ranbir Singh (a look-alike of Lal Singh), had hidden the treasure somewhere unknown to anybody. Dayal Singh tried to kill Ranbir but in vain. Years later, Ranbir Singh comes back and clash starts between him and Dayal Singh. What is the relation between Lal Singh and his look-alike? Will Dayal Singh be able to reach the treasure?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.80 crores
Saturday 0.63 crores
Sunday 0.77 crores
First Weekend 2.21 crores
Monday 0.45 crores
Tuesday 0.40 crores
First Week 3.66 crores
Second Week 1.59 crores
Third Week 0.76 crores
Lifetime India (net) 7 crores
Worldwide Gross 13 crores
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