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81 8.1 10
Total Votes: 139
Release Date
11 May, 2007
9 crores
Box Office India
15 crores
Box Office Worldwide
24 crores
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Rahul works in a BPO, and is passionate about success and money-making. He has found a sure shot way to success. He rents out his uncle’s apartment for sexual escapades of his colleagues and friends, who return his favour by giving him job incentives and promotions. Further, this movie shows 8 other lives who are caught up in the mess of life, love and success. The turmoil these relationships go through, force them to make some decisions, which will be life altering.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.87 crores
Saturday 1.18 crores
Sunday 1.47 crores
First Weekend 3.52 crores
First Week 6.23 crores
Second Week 5.06 crores
Third Week 2.23 crores
Lifetime India (net) 15 crores
Worldwide Gross 24 crores
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