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User Score
40 4 10
Total Votes: 51
Release Date
4 September, 1998
6 crores
Box Office India
7 crores
Box Office Worldwide
12 crores
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Fearful of his death, Ranbir Singh decides to kill Kohinoor but fails to do so. After 20 years, Kohinoor returns to claim his share in his kingdom. Over the years, he has become strong in all the dealings of matters and controlling animals. He saves his nanny, who is captured by Ranbir Singh and his associates. He faces many difficulties in his path to accomplish his goal. Will he succeed in his motive?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.59 crores
Saturday 0.50 crores
Sunday 0.60 crores
First Weekend 1.69 crores
Monday 0.45 crores
Tuesday 0.40 crores
First Week 2.84 crores
Second Week 1.40 crores
Third Week 0.73 crores
Lifetime India (net) 7 crores
Worldwide Gross 12 crores
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