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77 7.7 10
Total Votes: 119
Release Date
26 June, 2009
28 crores
Box Office India
45 crores
Box Office Worldwide
78 crores
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The attacks of 9/11 destroy the lives of two Indian students attending college in New York. Samir, wrongly held by the FBI, turns to terrorism to take revenge. On the other hand, his former friend Omar is framed by investigators and forced to spy on Samir.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 5.62 crores
Saturday 6.19 crores
Sunday 5.61 crores
First Weekend 17.42 crores
First Week 27.36 crores
Second Week 9.36 crores
Third Week 4.79 crores
Lifetime India (net) 45 crores
Worldwide Gross 78 crores
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