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66 6.6 10
Total Votes: 25
Release Date
26 August, 2005
24 crores
Box Office India
45 crores
Box Office Worldwide
75 crores
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This is a story of 3 friends: Kishen (the married man), Sunny (the bachelor man), and Prem (the married Bachelor). Ironically, Kishen being the most faithful among the 3, has a highly suspecting wife. And Prem, the biggest flirt with several affairs outside, has the most trusting wife ever. Trouble ensues when Prem decides to teach Kishen and Sunny how to enter into an extra-marital affair. Kishen being the most loyal rejects his offer. Having failed to convince him, Prem hires a prostitute to seduce him and have an affair with him. On meeting her, Kishen is instantaneously attracted to the beauty and is more than willing to have an affair. But things go terribly wrong and Sunny steps in to help the duo. How all the 3 are trapped in a web of lies, and how they struggle to get out safely forms the rest of the story.

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 1.72 crores
Saturday 2.81 crores
Sunday 3.45 crores
First Weekend 7.98 crores
First Week 14.08 crores
Second Week 9.77 crores
Third Week 5.22 crores
Lifetime India (net) 45 crores
Worldwide Gross 75 crores
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