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Release Date 2 March, 2018
Budget ₹20 crores
Box Office India N/A
Box Office Worldwide N/A
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An abused victim is shocked to see her own ghost frightening her time and again. She is not possessed by some spirit. But what is happening around her?

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Box Office Predictions

Anushka Sharma has been doing creative movies for a while now. With NH10 and Phillauri not being a major success at the box office. Both movies were appreciated by the Audience. Same can be said for Pari.

Pari offers us something different from regular horror cliche. This movie is going to break the monotony of horror movies. While the movie looks very promising, it may not convert well at the box office. The Collections are looking to be around 50 crores if there is a very positive word of mouth.

Fun Facts & Triva

  • Pari is Anushka's 1st Horror film and 3rd movie of her home production.
  • This is her 1st film after marriage.
  • This movie is different from regular horror movies. No spirit possesses Anushka, no woman in white holding candle, etc.
  • The filmmakers used a unique strategy for movie promotions. Before releasing the trailer, they piqued audience interests by releasing small teasers and posters.
  • With each movie of her home production, Anushka is bringing out something new. NH10 tackles honor killing. Phillauri shows how superstitions rule in the society. Pari brings out something different from regular horror stories.

Official Trailer

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