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Release Date
27 March, 1998
8 crores
Box Office India
18 crores
Box Office Worldwide
34 crores
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Muskan is raised in the village and comes to college in the city to study. Suraj is a rich and spoiled son, neglected by his parents, who studies in the same college. They both meet and fall in love. A simple love story, right? Well, Suraj mistakens Vishal, Muskan’s elder brother as her boyfriend and gets into a fight with her only family. Vishal takes her back to the village where Suraj also follows them. On his way to the village, Suraj comes across Thakur Ajay Singh and saves his life. Thakur takes him along, introduces him to his family, which happens to be Muskaan and Vishal. He is then put to certain tests by Vishal in order to win Muskaan’s hand. But Vishal has something else in his mind. What is his agenda? Will the love birds unite?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.80 crores
Saturday 0.68 crores
Sunday 0.83 crores
First Weekend 2.31 crores
Monday 0.70 crores
Tuesday 0.62 crores
First Week 4.47 crores
Second Week 3.30 crores
Third Week 2.32 crores
Lifetime India (net) 18 crores
Worldwide Gross 34 crores
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