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Total Votes: 23
Release Date
11 July, 2003
16 crores
Box Office India
18 crores
Box Office Worldwide
29 crores
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A CBI officer, Akram, takes help from Rachit, a criminal, to nab 3 Pakistan backed arm dealers. The trio terrorists have taken tourists as hostage in Elphinstone jail, which is unbreakable. And the only person ever to break the jail is Rachit, former associate of the 3 terrorists. Will Akram and his team be able to nab them before they release a deadly virus in the water reservoirs of a city?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 1.87 crores
Saturday 1.72 crores
Sunday 1.75 crores
First Weekend 5.34 crores
First Week 9.08 crores
Second Week 4 crores
Third Week 1.87 crores
Lifetime India (net) 18 crores
Worldwide Gross 29 crores
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