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74 7.4 10
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Release Date
8 June, 2012
23 crores
Box Office India
24 crores
Box Office Worldwide
35 crores
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A prominent political figure is met with a gruesome accident which led to his death. Some believe it to be a simple road accident. While some believe it to be a murder. Soon an IAS officer is roped in to solve this crime mystery and do the damage control. As the time proceeds, they discover a shocking truth about that person who died. He was a Prime leader of a campaign, which was against Government’s secret new project: Shanghai. What was this project all about and why was he killed?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 3.34 crores
Saturday 4.27 crores
Sunday 5.23 crores
First Weekend 12.85 crores
Monday 1.60 crores
Tuesday 1.55 crores
First Week 18.83 crores
Second Week 4.21 crores
Third Week 0.49 crores
Lifetime India (net) 24 crores
Worldwide Gross 35 crores
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