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68 6.8 10
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Release Date
13 August, 1999
15 crores
Box Office India
22 crores
Box Office Worldwide
52 crores
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Manav Mehta lives in U.K., and is on a road trip of India for sight seeing. One day, he meets Mansi and is immediately attracted to her. Mansi is the daughter of Tarababu, a singer, and she also reciprocates the feelings for him. Her father approves of Manav and takes her marriage proposal to his house. On their arrival, they areĀ treated as second class people and this treatment worsens at every point. Both decide to leave the house. Mansi decides to move on with her career, forgetting her past behind. She meets Vikrant Kapoor, who helps her in building her career. With time, both decide to get married. Meanwhile, Manav has till yet, not given up hope on Mansi. He keeps on chasing her, much against their families’ wishes, even on her marriage day. Will she accept Manav keeping the bad pastĀ aside?

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.8 crores
Saturday 0.85 crores
Sunday 0.91 crores
First Weekend 2.56 crores
First Week 5.06 crores
Second Week 3.75 crores
Third Week 2.72 crores
Lifetime India (net) 22 crores
Worldwide Gross 52 crores
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