BOTY Score
Release Date
4 crores
Box Office India
5 crores
Box Office Worldwide
8 crores
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The story revolves around communal riots. Ajay’s mother was burnt alive by the mob during 1993 Bombay riots. She belonged to a Muslim community. She had hidden her religion from the society. Her last wish was to bury her body according to her original religion rituals. The difficulties faced by Ajay in accomplishing this task after her death forms the rest of the story

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Detailed Box Office Collections

First Day 0.32 crores
Saturday 0.32 crores
Sunday 0.40 crores
First Weekend 1.05 crores
Monday 0.25 crores
Tuesday 0.22 crores
First Week 1.85 crores
Second Week 0.85 crores
Lifetime India (net) 5 crores
Worldwide Gross 8 crores
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